Friday night at our house…not too exciting. Erik is having two friends sleep over.   Erik and his friends are now watching a movie and having popcorn. 

Joshua is washing some dishes while I write this as he wants to be able to take my laptop to his bedroom to chat with friends.   Does he look like a boy that wants something from his momma??


Tommy of course fell asleep on the floor….and has been put back to bed.

Hubby is in bed since he has to be up at 4:00 to be at work. 

I think I will turn my laptop over to my oldest son and finish washing dishes and go to bed myself.   Tomorrow is another day!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, tonight I gave Josh his first financial lesson.  I had him reconcile my checkbook for me.  I am having him do it for the next few month before he gets his own this summer.  If he has a job that is.   he did pretty good and even found an error I made, so now I have more money they I thought, YEAH!!


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