Hello….Sunday…my favorite day of the week.  I love Sundays as hubby and I have a lovely time at church together.  He is a great guy.  And of course i love Sunday’s as I get to take a nap.  I just woke up from my nap.  Wasn’t the best nap.  I woke up to Tommy slamming his door.  I checked on him and I had forgotten to put the diaper wipes up and he emptied the entire container and was squishing them and biting them.  SOrry no pic, too tired.  He is a stinker sometimes.   Josh picked this up for me and I napped a bit more.  Then my neighbor called with questions about making baby food.  Her twins are just starting to eat solids.  We made all the food for Tommy and rarely bought baby food.  Great Money saving thing!

I am now awake, sort of.  Tommy is still napping.   Erik went to Alladin Castles with hubby.  Josh didn’t want to go and stayed home with me.   He wants me to work some more on the basement so I guess I will get busy and do that a bit while the baby sleeps. 

Hubby rented two movies for us to watch, Radio and Under the Tuscan Sun.  We will watch one tonight and save one for Monday night.   We are making a huge Turkey dinner tonight.  I will use all the left overs and make Thanksgiving in a Pan, my family’s favorite.  THanks to Midwestblahs for sharing that recipe with us.   I best get that turkey cooking, I almost forgot about it!  Later!

Enjoy your Sunday!@

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