Hello…so I am posting this from my living room.  Those that know we have a computer room (with way too many computers), might be wondering how I could be doing that.  Well because I have a wonderful hubby.  He got me my own personal laptop with wireless internet for Valentine’s Day!  he does spoil me!   I love it.  Now I can type from any room and don’t have to share a computer with hubby.  He is always changing things on our computer and it drives me nuts.  I don’t do well with change!  

So all my graphics and things will be moved to my laptop.   I will have all my recipes on here and I can have it in the kitchen.  This will be great!!  Plus I can type from bed…LOL!!  Well time to get busy later!! 

I need to make “Thanksgiving in a Pan” with our leftovers.  I made a turkey dinner with all the fixings.   Then we are going to watch the movie Radio.   Later!

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