I decided since I am always posting pictures of Tommy’s room trashed, I should finally take a picture when I clean it up for the 100th time a day.  LOL!!  So this is his room before he was put to bed for the night.  He has a Winnie The Pooh Bedrom.  I absolutely love it.  The wall murals were a shower gift from our neighbor.  She painted the entire room free-hand.  She is very talented and a good friend. 

Honny tree in the corner….see you can even see the floor.  The books are on the shelf!  WOW!

Changing table and characters painted on the wall.


The whole Pooh family on the shelf. 

Tonight all the boys crawled in bed with me to watch a movie with Tommy before bed.  We are all watching Maisy.  LOL!!  They all love to crawl into Momma’s big bed!

I am off to finish the last 4 boxes on the one side of the basement.  I will have to tell you all what hubby got me for Valentine’s Day..  I am WAY, WAY too spoiled! 

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