Up too late again tonight.  Once Tommy was in bed I wanted to work on the basement a bit again.  I am doing a clean sweep!!  Do you watch that show??  I love it!   I had a corner that was piled very high with bins of clothes and toys hubby bought for Tommy while I was pregnant and his first year.   I hubby was so excited about Tommy coming he went a bit nuts.  He bought everything at garage sales.  I have clothes for Tommy through size 5.   LOL!!   But it was overwhelming to me.  I have now entirely emptied that corner and put up two shelves.   This will be a storage area only.   I am consolidating all my storage to one area.  I am slowly moving the things I want to keep back into the storage area.  I told Josh I would do a bit each night and so far he has held me to that.  I am about 1/2 ways through the clothes.  Then I have to begin on the toys.  YIKES!!  There are alot of them.  I will be needing a few more shelves, but have to wait until next paycheck to get more I think. 

I hope I am stay with this and report to you each night that I have worked on my basement.   Tonight I organized two bins of size 3T clothes.  I hope I can have this all done by the time my brother comes to visit in March.  LOL!   I also called to make an appointment with an electrician, but he won’t be able to even get to my fuse box currently!    I have my work cut out for me.  I sure wish I had a digital camera to share my progress with you all.  Unfortunately, that isn’t in our budget.   ARGH…I see very inexpensive ones and wonder if they would be good enough for just pictures for my blog???  Hmmm…..I would hate to waste the money even $50.00.  But I would love to share my progress on my projects that I am always talking about.  LOL!!  Mabye if I am close to a end of film I will just take a picture. 

Time for me to head to bed and read a bit.  Later!

People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.  (tidbits from the calendar my MIL gave me for Christmas)

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  1. oh you do have your work cut out for you huh, good luck and I hope you can get it done~! I know what you mean about the D camera. My room mates tried to get something that might work by buying a D camera,binocular combo and now we find out that disk it came with wont work on our puter so now we have to find something else.lol. Iam going to ask around on here to see what others say about a cheap D. camera to use. I would love to have one to show off my crochet work alot better than a web cam. stay warm and have a good  week~!

  2. I don’t have cable 🙁  Define “clean sweep”.  I know it’s a TV show, but is there a theory or concept that you are following?!? 

    Congrats on the clean up (We will be getting a cheap ($100) camera with some of our wedding shower money.  I will let you know how it goes!).

  3. While you were being so productive I was watching American Idol with dh & E…

    Get a cheapie digital camera!!!  Even a cheap one would be FINE for the blog, and I’d love to see your progress–you’re such a good influence on me

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