Great Activity

Tommy enjoys playing with snow (shaving cream).  Today at school they had it on a table where you could have the Sesame Street characters hide in the snow.  He liked it, but doesn’t like to be dirty so I had to wipe his hands off every few minutes.

Tonight while he was bathing I was cleaning the linen closet.  I always clean part of the bathroom while he plays.   I found three cans of shaving cream.  Hubby only uses an electric razor now.  We put snow on the tile wall in the tub and his little toys walked in it.  It worked great because he would rinse his own hands off in the water.  He played and laughed up a storm.  Plus the mess is very contained and easy to clean up!    He took a very long bath tonight.  I was able to clean the entire linen closet out! 

Great Sensory activity! 

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