Busy Day!!  Well he deferred Comp meeting was interesting, and a bit over my head at times.  I have a bit of reading to do to be able to pick my stocks, bonds or indexes…not sure which way I will got yet.  I am putting only $25.00 a pay period into the stock market, but it is enought to get my feet wet and figure this out.   I will increase it as our bills decrease.   I am able to swing 25.00 since I made a few changes like decreasing our cable service.   I also rarely eat out during the work week.  

Well it is COLD here in MN.   One of our three vehicles wouldn’t start this morning due to low temps.  I left work early and ran my errands.  Thursday is errand day for me, minus groceries.  

I hit Target, Post Office and Sam’s Club.   At Target I stuck to my list very well, except for some pj’s I bought for my youngest two on clearance.  Normally 2 pairs for 17.99. clearanced at 8.00 for 2 pairs.  I got a few pair of each of them as they needed Pj’s.  I also bought one of those Mr. Clean Erasers to try it out!!  I hope I have good luck with it!   The Post office was returning a broken part to the Pampered Chef Customer Service and bought a few books of stamps since I was there. 

Sam’s Club….do you ever get out of that store and not spend an arm and a leg??   I needed many things.  My first stop was two very sturdy shelves.   I am going to conquer that dungeon of a basement, 15 minutes at a time of course.  My oldest son is going to help me.  He is a great kid.  Then it was the normally monthly things, diapers, pull-ups, kleenex, plates, juice, milk, etc.  A few hundred later we are out of the store!! LOL!!!

The rest of the evening Tommy and I curled up in bed and watch Tarzan under my heated blanket!  Tomorrow I am working from home.  I need to straighten up my work laptop as they are getting me a new one.  I need to clean up files and delete old stuff, etc.  That might take me all day..I have so much junk on there! 

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel.  I jsut sat down to figure out who to invite to my pampered Chef party.  I had like 31 people, I am so blessed with an abundance of friends.   I am worried about inviting them all, becuase a lot of them will show up!  My house isn’t that big!

Well time for me to surf a bit and head to bed…Later!

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  1. Phew… I was tired before I read your blog… LOL now IM exausted!

    I know what you mean about Sam’s club…. its tough to get out of that place with just what was on your list….

    Have a great weekend…. (i want a heated blanket to watch movies under with the kids…. what a cuddle fest! )

  2. Are you working on Pampered Chef, too?  Or hosting the party?  That is cool.  And it is beautiful that you KNOW you are blessed.  We always have to remind ourselves, right??  Don’t worry about small house.  There will be food, so everyone will be happy

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