Off to conquer the kitchen…..I was a bad girl and didn’t do the dishes last night before bed.  I think I would have if I could get my little guy into bed before 10:30.  By that time I am ready for bed!

I must sing my praise for the Mr. Clean Eraser!!! Someone recommended it to me.  I thought, another cleaning product…great.  But I went ahead and tried it and I am so glad! My bathtub is very old and the protective coating has worn off and so dirt gets into the porcelain.  I couldn’t get it out at all.  I had tried many things, with the product Kaboom doing the best.   This Eraser got it off!!!  I gets into the little pores of the porcelain.  yeah!!!  It was worth the 3.00 for the 4-pak.  Thanks for the recomendation!

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  1. The “eraser” got some sort of stain off my counter that I don’t even know what it was… but bleach and nothing else would work on it, so I like them too. So far though, I have only used them on my kitchen counters. I got a 2-pack of them.

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