Today I am going to a deferred compensation meeting to see about investing some money each paycheck.   I am very interested in investing more of our money now.  It helps on saving with taxes, though I am wondering if a Roth IRA wouldn’t be a better idea!  We will see, I am still reading and learning about all this. 

I did pay all our bills last night and believe I have enough money left to buy two shelves to orgamize our basement.  That will be a long on-going process.

I did convince my hubby to decrease out cable TV package last night.  It will decrease our bill by almost 10.00 a month.  It is hard to get hubby to give up these things.  He enjoys his TV.  I rarely watch TV and would rather not even have cable, though I do love the Home and Garden Channel as well at the Learning Channel.  It ended up getting rid of some of the channels Erik watches, cartoon channels, but he has a couple and taht is plenty.   We also have DSL, but with our usage of the internet and web designing and downloading, I doubt we will ever give that up.  

Got to go!!! 

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  1. I’ve always wondered about investing…and what’s best for our family. See growing up, my parents never really had savings….I have just emergency savings but the residual on that is very low. Let me know what works out best for you….

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