Tommy is up and I have almost completed organizing the school shelf in our dining room.  I took all of Erik’s home school stuff and packed it up.  So much of it was unused as he is less than cooperative at times with summer learning, plus he is slow at getting through work.  I will save the stuff for Tommy.  Now the shelf is full of things for Tommy to do, puzzles, stickers, coloring books and his games.  I need to clean off the dining table and vacuum and dust in there.  I still have a few more things that need to be gone through by the secretary.   It is an improvement and much needed space as Tommy’s educational shelf in the living room was over full.  Tommy is the opposite of Erik we have to put his educational items up as he really enojoys them. 

For now I think I will get a big glass of water and relax in the living room for a bit with the family.  Then back to the dining room for a while. 

My SIL might come over tonight to get a few things and do laundry, so I would like to be done with the dining room by then.  Hubby has been a great help today, doing load after load of laundry while I organize the dining room. 

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