Boy am I tired.   I hope to head to bed here in a minute or so.   Tommy is still awake, but snuggling with Daddy in the living room.  I pretty much finished the dining room.  I took all the furniture out of the room and cleaned and treated the wood floors in there.   Everything is back in there.  I just have to do a bit of dusting and finishing clearing off the table. 

Tomorrow is church, then a nap…then to my SIL’s for B-day party.   I will also finish up the living room, closet and dining room.  Tomorrow I hope to have a relaxing day.  Monday I will start on the office I think.  I am sure the office will take two days or so.  It is a paper jungle!!!!  ARGH!!!

I am off to put my clean clothes away and head to bed!  Night!!!     

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