I am off to start on my dining room.  Tommy is finally down for a nap sort of…he keeps opening and closing his door, so he really isn’t in bed.   My day is off to a  fine start!

After breakfast and showers, Josh, Tommy and I headed off to Pier One and Wal-mart!  I went to look for new coasters for my living room at Pier One.  I didn’t like amy of them so we headed to Wal-mart.  We needed to drop off some film (so you know you will be seeing more pics soon!!) replace our broken lamp, buy light bulbs and coasters.  All accomplished at a very small cost.  I do ahve to return the lamp as it doens’t match our other ones.  I will have to try a different Wal-mart, maybe the one in Stillwater.

Then it was home to check the mail.  I received the new invoice for my car insurance and it was wrong so I had to spend some time on the phone with my agent.   He will check into it on Monday for me.  Then lunch for us.  Josh made Mac and Cheese for Tommy and himself.   I made a huge salad for hubby and I with leftover chicken breast.  YUMMY!!

Then we listened to our Wiggles tape (both sides) and danced around.  Tommy loves that!   We played with the Phonics Desk a bit since I finally bought some batteries.  Then it was nap time and time for Mommy to get busy on the dining room!  So that is where I am off to……the dining room!!   Get out of my way clutter…..I don’t need you!!!   

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