Jills_cookbook – thanks for stopping by   I do have an order to have the child support deducted from my son’s dad’s paycheck.  But since he went to work for his uncle not one cent has been deducted and sent to child support enforcement.  I am leaving it up to child support enforcement to figure out.  They have already sent a letter to the employer (his uncle) citing him with failure to withhold.  I will just wait and see I guess.   With all his previous employers it has worked just fine, the checks came weekly and regularly.   I am not sure what to think about all this.

I agree with you on the dreft.  I never used it when Tom was a baby, but he has developed severe ezcema.  So I have to wash his clothes separately as he breaks out from soap.  He is better with the dreft.  He also can only wash his hands with ivory soap.  The school and daycare were using an antibaterial soap and his hands were so raw and broke out.  So he seems to be sensitive to soap, just like I was as a child.   

We are back from Walmart and I have put Tommy down for a nap.  He isn’t cooperating much yet.  I will go do a bit of laundry and work out then I have to do some work work.  Later!  I am sure I will be back.  I get so bored when I am home, I don’t want to just clean.

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  1. I had to use dreft on my son’s clothes when he was small. I can use whatever now, but he is sensitive to certain soaps and will break out if he doesn’t rinse it off well enough or if it is too strong. He comes from a family with skin disorders though. My mom and I have rosacea and my brother has psirosis and my cousin has excema. My son had excema when he was a baby too but it rarely shows.

  2. I have missed a lot it seems, but I can speak on the Dreft too. My daughter has eczema as well and Dreft was fabulous while she was a small baby. She continues to have the disease of course but the detergents don’t affect her so badly. Dreft is terrific! And boo hiss on antibacterial soap — Ivory is still absolutely wonderful for cleaning up.

    Take care.

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