Today I am home with Tommy as my SIL our daycare provider is still very ill. I am working some from home and should be able to get 4 hours of work done at least, we will see. I can work some more once he goes to bed tonight too.

I called child support enforcement again this morning. Josh’s dad hasn’t sent any support since Oct. 6th. They already sent a failure to withhold letter to him employer, but that is his uncle so who knows. It is ok, I am used to this. I have always been the one that takes care of Josh. I just hope he pays some support by the time the payments are due for Josh’s mission trip and the final payment on his clas ring. Those are extras and not planned in our tight little budget we run around here. I don’t want Josh to miss out on his mission trip. It is such a great experience for him. Time will tell. I suppose I have to call his bio dad and see what is going on tonight.

Tommy and I are off to run a few errands at Walmart. I need more Dreft to finish up Tom’s laundry. Walmart by far has the best prices, but is such a pain to go there. It is always crowded and long lines at the casheir, maybe it won’t be like that during the day. Time to get Tom dressed and on our way! Later!

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  1. That stinks about the child support.  My husband has a daughter that he pays support on, and I could never let him short her any…his is taken straight out of his paycheck anyways and sent to the enforcement agency, which makes it easy on us.

    I always heard that Dreft is more commercial …meaning it’s just advertised really good but most babies are okay with regular detergent anyways.  I’ve never tried it…but Ty doesn’t seem to have sensitive skin either, thankfully.  Dreft is kinda spendy.

  2. We’ve gotten a whole $300 since we went to court in Oct. It sucks that we can’t do anything to enforce this other than depend on the state to go after him. Sometimes I think they are too light, esp considering my son’s dad is over 10K in arears. *sigh*

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