Morning….my SIL/Daycare provider is still not feeling 100% so I am only dropping off Tommy for the morning than will be picking him up. I have a morning meeting in Hastings, then I will pick him up and come home with him.

Hubby and I are going on a date on Saturday night. YEAH!! We sure need that. He said dinner and a movie. OOH HOOO!! I am looking forward to that.

Tonight is Families First at church. Hubby is working his new shift so he doesn’t get off of work until 6:30. He will just come to church when he is done. It is just the boys and I for supper now. I warm a plate up when Paul gets home for him.

Tomorrow I hope to get our Christmas Tree put up. I need to get some of the decorating done. I best shower and get to work.

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