Finding Blessings in Cheerios and Shin Guards??

  I smile as I pick up the shin guards and soccer uniform in the middle of the living room.  My little man sprawled out on the couch watching some cheesy Disney movie.   I can’t help but smile to myself as I pick up his things and think to myself……someday, I will miss doing this so much.   I hope today you take the time to see the blessing in the little things in your life.   I remember when my oldest was little and I would feel frustrated with the never ending job of picking up things he left strewn around the house.  Now, I fondly smile as once in a while he stops by our house and blesses us with his “Josh droppings”.   Just today he stopped by after work to drop off some lawn chairs he borrowed.  Where do you think he left the chairs????  On the couch in the living room, of course!   I pick them up with a smile and take them to the garage….always my same Josh!  Man, I love that boy. 

So today I remind myself as I put away my youngest things, clothes and make his bed to do so with joy in my heart.   Someday my children will be doing these same things for their children, hopefully with the same joy in their hearts. 

It is an amazing gift from God to be entrusted with these small souls that soon grow from babies to young men.   I am reminded of the shortness of our time with our little ones as my oldest’s wedding approaches and my friends are experiencing their children graduating and leaving for college.   It is all so bittersweet and amazing in a new way. 

Baby to Young Boy


Baby Tommy


To young boy, Tommy the amazing soccer player and kind soul.

Young Boy to Man


Baby Tommy with big brother, Josh – so loving and caring. 


To Man……soon to be husband   Amazing man of God and loving son. 

My heart overflows with love and gratitude for the blessings in my life.   My advice to my friends with little ones….smile as you dig the cheerios out of your van seat and find crayons that made it though the dryer.   These are the days you too will be nostalgic for before you know it.  

Be Blessed,
Jen C

“Motherhood is a privilege, and our children our crowning glory.” 1 Timothy 2:15