How to balance it all………….


As a working mom, I find it hard to keep things as tidy as I want around my house and still relax on the weekend after a busy work week.   How do you balance it all??  

 I am counting the days down until school starts and we are back into that busy routine.   I am starting to get ready by trying to get my routines in place again.  They have all flown out the window with summer.  Who wants to scrub a floor when you would be outside?   But this weekend I am going to get things caught up around the house and start following my routines again.  

Every year I try to tweak my routines to keep them fresh and hopefully keep me following them.  This week I discovered “Clean Mama’s” blog and I will be adapting her cleaning schedule to meet my needs.  I am starting simple!   I spent today getting my living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom in order.  I had not scrubbed floors or cleaned in a month!    Now that these rooms are back in good order, I will implement my routines to hopefully keep them like that with little effort.  

Hopefully tomorrow I will dig out the bedrooms and get caught up on laundry! 

My infamous hot spot……………a constant struggle for me.



Do you have an area in your home that by the end of the week it is a mess???   A hot spot that burns uncontrollably??   Mine used to be the coffee table, until we got rid of it.  Now, my hot spot each week is the kitchen table, which we use as our computer/office area. 


These tasks will be completed each day.

1.   Make Beds

2.   Do at least one load of laundry and put away/

3.   Take care of clutter on Kitchen Table, etc

4.   Wash Dishes Nightly

5.   Wipe down the Counters  

6.    Sweep Floors


Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I normally would just do all the cleaning in one evening, but I am going to try spreading my weekly cleaning over the week and see if that works better.  

Monday – Dust House

Tuesday – Clean Bathrooms

Wednesday – Wash Floors

Thursday –  Vacuum House

Friday – Menu plan/ Prepare Shopping List or Clean Bedrooms

Saturday – Wash Sheets and Towels  – Pay Bills/Budget Meeting

Sunday – RELAX

I hope to start implementing these new routines next week.  I am looking forward to having more order to our home again.   I enjoy having my house ready for guests at a moments notice.   These new routines may need some tweaking, but it is a start in the right direction. 

Do you have a daily and weekly routine??   I would love to hear all about them!!   How do you balance it all?