A Catch Up – Update: March and April

Yes, I am posting out of order. Sorry!  I didn’t want to forget the highlights from March and April, but I felt the need to blog in the present as well.  I needed to live in the present and appreciate our current blessings.


Hubby and I had started trying to go on a date once a month.   Josh and Amy have been great about watching Tommy so we can occassionally go out.  We have not gone out each month, but we continue to work towards that goal. 

In the 2011-2012 season at Lakeshores Players, we were able to see 3 plays.  

Something's-Afoot-Web2 Laura-Logo-Web Nerd-Logo-Web

The Nerd was great fun to go to as my friend’s son was performing in The Nerd.  It was the debut of Micah Cortes and we were there for it!  He is such a talented young boy.

In June we went to Redwing for the evening…for out date night and even stayed overnight.

March the weather was very nice and we went on an outing to the Chutes and Ladders park, now called Hyland Park Area in Bloomington.  The expansion opened on June 8th so I would like to return and check it out.   I need to make a point of planning more outings before the summer is gone!



 Tommy and Amy


While at the park we discovered they had Geocaching in the park.  We checked out a GPS and went hunting for loot while exploring this new park.  A favorite family activity for sure!



Tommy was happy to find thea cache…and the one by the pine trees wouldn’t allow itself to be found, which sure bothered Josh. 

Other highlights from March:

  • Pampered Chef Party – Josh and Amy had a pampered chef party at their house.  They had a good turn out and were able to get alot of fun things for their kitchen.  I of course found more things to buy…I love pampered chef as does my hubby.
  • Financial Peace – guest hosting – we continue to be involved in the Finanial Peace program at our church.  We hosted the class while the leader was out of town.  It was alot of fun and it always gets us excited again and making progress.  While our progress has slowed a bit with summer childcare and the wedding expenses, but we are very determined.    
  • Dr. – released me after a post surgery exam – lifting restrictions were removed.  Life is back to normal – sort of.
  • Girls Day Out – Shopping and Supper at Jake’s Grill – went shopping with the girls in our family and they helped me to find my dress for the wedding.  Though I am second guessing my choice right now.  I will probably do a bit of altering to the dress and hope to find a wrap or something. 


Geocaching with the boys: We had such fun geocaching that we decided to take the neighborhood boys geocaching around White Bear Lake.   It was fun once they figured it all out. 


Tommy, Andrew, John and Danny


They found it!

School Spirit Days:


Look like your hero day……it wasn’t hard for Tommy to look like his hero, Dad It still makes me laugh just looking at them!

  • Magnuson Christian School Auction – we once again were involved with the auction set up and computers.  It was a busy time, but we enjoy assisting with this wonderful cause as a family.  Josh and Amy are wonderful to help and attend the auction with us.  Since it is a semi dressy sort of event, I thought it would be a good time to get my hair styled.  Sort of a test before the wedding.  I received alot of compliments so I think I will have my hair styled at Sun Bear Spa the morning of the wedding.
  • MACMH – Paul Conference – I went to the annual Children’s Mental Health Conference in Duluth for work.  I volunteered at the conference and spent my free time listening to audio books and cross stitching in my room.   It was good to just have some time alone.  For the first time ever, my hubby’s conference was at the same time!  ARGH…so Amy stayed at the house with Tommy and Grandpa.  She is such a life saver and a wonderful additon to our family! 
  • Sleep Apnea – hubby finally decided to see a Dr about his sleep apnea.  Seems his roommate at the conferenced mentioned he stopped breathing about 40 times each night. 
  • Soccer Starts  – Tommy is playing soccer again this season with The White Bear Lake Soccer Association.   He has had a good season and is playing defense again, but has started being the goalie as well.   He is a good athlete and it is so fun to watch him play. 


Tommy – Our Soccer Player!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Be Blessed,

Jen C

0 thoughts on “A Catch Up – Update: March and April

  1. good luck on the financial peace. It is a very slow process, but worth it in the end. We still have several years to go before our debt snowball melts away. Thanks for saying something about the geocaching. It looks like a lot of fun. Will have to check into it.

  2. @djahorne – We have been working on our debt snowball for over a year.   We should be done with babystep 2 in 2 more years.  A bit sidetracked this year as my oldest son is getting married in a few weeks and we are helping a little bit financially.  But we continue to pay extra to our snowball most weeks.   Every little bit helps.  I will have to post about our adventures and progress someday.   Last time we presented we had decreased our debt by over 30,000.00.


  3. Wow! that is great! Decreased over 30,000.00! I think we are looking at 3 years before we were to finish baby step 2, but God has blesses us. We were willed a house about a year and a half ago and we have had a buyer since Jan. We hope to be finally getting the deed to the house within the next month and have it sold. This will cut 2 years off our debt snowball and hope to be on to baby step 3 within another year to a year in a half. But I am not sure for sure because I can’t remember if we put my husband and my student loans in our debt snowball amount. I don’t think we did. I will have to check into this again. Can’t wait to hear about your updates.

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