Update: A return to blogging….

Hello – remember me??? I used to be that lady who blogged about her life almost daily. Last night I was looking at old blog posts about my little guy as a baby . He was looking at the posts with me and really was having fun hearing about his time as a baby. I loved reading old posts about his baby years. That is what this blog is to my family, a virtual scrapbook of the ups and downs of our lives.  I have come to terms with the notion that I will never be a scrap booker. Therefore, I blog and the thoughts and memories of my years raising our children will never be lost and I can revisit them whenever I want.

As you may have notice, besides posting my menu every two weeks, I have not been blogging regularly. Why you ask?? Life just got too difficult – too much going on in our lives. I am starting to feel like I am finally starting to get a handle on things.

The holiday season was very difficult for my family and filled with loss. My Father in Law(FIL) came to live with us in September, which has been very good. I just adore him.

My mother in Law (MIL) was residing in memory care. We were last able to bring her home for Thanksgiving. Christmas was bittersweet to say the least. We were unable to bring her home due to some skin break down that made it painful for her to be in her wheelchair. This was very hard on everyone. We all went to the memory care unit and celebrated Christmas with her the best we could. It was still difficult for my MIL.

Shortly after the New Year we started hospice services and my MIL passed away on January 10th.  The staff notified us when she started to deteriorate and we all rushed to spend the last hours with her.  I arrived first and sat with her, stroking her hair and chatting to her. The chaplain and I were with her when she passed away. I am glad I was able to be with her, but am always wondering if I could have done more. It was a difficult time for our family and we are all starting to adjust to the new normal.

My Father in Law is doing well, but I worried about him alot through this all. But in some ways he held it together the best due to his amazing faith. He is a remarkable man.

In Loving Memory of Jane Coyan :


Jane – 40th Wedding Anniversary

dick and jane 

Dick and Jane – 50th Wedding Anniversary

52nd anniver 

Dick, Jane and their children – 52nd Anniversary


Our Family – January 14th, 2012

coyan kids 

The Coyan kids and their Dad!    

Other Happenings:

Our oldest son, Josh bought a townhome and moved out of our home on Christmas Day. It made for a weird Christmas. I did much better emotionally with his moving out this time, but I still miss him very much.

On December 29, I was seen by the Urologist due to some bladder issues I was having. He scheduled a bladder surgery for February 15th. The recovery was more difficult than I anticipated. I took 8 days off of work, but did work some from home.  I really wasn’t able to do much else.  I should havetaken more time off following surgery, but took time off following my MIL’s passing and didn’t have enough time on the books. So between the passing of my dear mother in law, Jane, Josh moving out and my surgery – life has felt a bit overwhelming.  But luckily, we have a wonderfully supportive and loving family and together we make it!

Pictures from November 2011 – February 2012:


Tommy’s Angel Costume for School Christmas Program

mom and Tom

 Christmas – 2011


Josh, Amy and Tommy the first time stepping into their new house.


The Happy New Homeowners!


Happy New Year – Welcome in 2012 with family.

I hope to blog more in the very near future about what our family has been up to so far this year.  This post was a bit of a blogging block for me as it made me so sad to write, but yet I didn’t want to skip over this time in our lives either.  It was a real time of loss and I can really feel as I write this blog.  But, life is good and we are so blessed by our wonderful family.  The ups and downs are both parts of this wonderful life and worth documention!  I am sure Tommy will remember his Grandma, her kindness, her love of M&Ms and her willingness to share with him.    Tommy was amazing with his Grandma right to the very last moments of her life.  That is what I will never forget, the patience and love of my son, Thomas George for his grandma. 

I hope to get some more posts up summarizing the past few months…..I am back and I am a blogger again!  Wonder if I have any readers left!  

Blessings to you,

Jen C

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  1. I so understand. The past few years have been hard for me in so many ways and blogging just became painful. Now that I’m on the upswing, growing and recovering, I want to make it a regular part of my routine.

  2. @tea_lady –  I too feel like I am starting to recover and the heaviness of life is lifting.   I am so glad you are also starting to find yourself on the upswing.  I always love seeing the pics on your blog as it reminds me of home.  I miss the rural life in SD at times  and my family.  Your pics make me smile!!

    Jen C

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