Week 1: January 1 – Gather Your Tools!


Happy New Year!!   This is the time of year we all turn to making resolutions.  Have you been conteplating some resolutions for the new year??   I don’t make resolutions, per say, I make goals for my year.  Goals seem more purposeful to me and I need to come up with a plan to meet the goals.   It helps to get me into a different mindset. 

Welcome to week one of The Fourteen Weeks of the New Year’s Cleaning Grand Plan from Organizedhome.com.    Take a moment and read the history of this Cleaning Grand Plan.   

Let’s get started!


Yes, I did mean for it to say Spring Cleaning!!   The title alone makes me think of all the time I will be saving once Spring is really here.  It also makes me think I am so far ahead, not behind.   So, Spring Cleaning it will be.

This week we will be focusing on a couple of things to help you get ready to start the real work next week!  The first key to success is planning.  If you want to be successful with any project you need to make time in your schedule to complete the tasks.  


Your first task is to grab you calendar/planner and look at next week to find some time to work on your Foyer/Entry Way.   I am looking at my calendar and it is really booked in the evenings next week.  So I know I can’t rely on having time to work on my cleaning plan in the evening.    I have Monday off, so I will carve out 2 hours to dedicate on January 2nd, after I get groceries.   I have something going on every evening this week except for Thursday and Friday, so I will dedicate some time on those evenings in my calendar as well.   My calendar is a very important tool that I could not get alone without.  I found a new one that I totally love.  I will need to write a whole blog post on my love of my new calendar/planner, but I digress.  


The next task is to make sure you have everything you need to get started next week.   It would be a shame to find out the last minute that you are missing your favorite cleaner.    Everyone has their favorite go to tools for cleaning, so gather your tools.   Some of my tools include – rags, tooth brush, cleaner and magic eraser.   Make sure you have extra vacuum bags and garbage bags.  You will feel so on top of everything with your supplies gathered and your plan in hand!  

You are ready to conquer the world, well at least your foyer/entryway!  Good luck and let us know how you are doing!  Remember, small bites is the secret to eating an elephant!

Tasks this week:  Plan into your schedule time next week to work on your foyer/entryway and gather your tools/supplies.

Next Week:  Week 2: January 8 –  Entry/Foyer


God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Jen C 

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