Week In Review – October 13th, 2011



Last week, I worked 42 hours in four days, so I had Friday off. YEAH. I did not do much on Friday. I was just too tired.  I did go shopping and bought some work clothes. Saturday morning we headed over to my In Laws apartment to get the last of my FIL things. We cleaned out a lot of stuff, though there is still a lot left. My SIL is working on cleaning out my MIL’s things. We have to be completely out of the apartment by October 31st.

Sunday, we ran all our errands and went grocery shopping. I have decided I need to come up with a way to fit these tasks into my week. I hate giving up 2-3 hours of my weekend every two weeks to buy food. While we were gone Grandpa fell while walking outside. Josh and Tommy saw him so were able to go to him and help him. Another scrap, thankfully he was fine. It always makes me nervous to have him go for his walks.

This week has been busy as well. Tuesday, my book group,” Wine, Women and Words” met. We discussed “Still Missing” by Chevy Stevens.  The book received missed reviews after having already read an abduction story this year,  Room by Emma Donoghue.  It is always a great time to be with friends. Two of the member recently had babies so I was able to enjoy those sweet new little lives. What a great group of mothers.

Wednesday, we were all going in different directions it seemed. Amy picked up Tommy and took him to Wednesday night programming at church with her. Amy is interning at our church with Children’s Ministry. Josh took the confirmation small group he is teaching to PINZ. It sounded like they had a great time. Paul and I went to the movie “Courageous”. Not great acting, but a powerful message. Courageous was produced by Sherwood Productions, who also produced Fireproof. I highly recommend this movie.

Courageous Movie Trailer:

My favorite quote from the movie:

Adam Mitchell: I don’t feel like I started well. I want to finish well.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes, we look at our past and think “I don’t feel like I started well” . But we can all finish well. It certainly does take courage to do so, but life is full of second chances. I have my second chance and I sure do plan on finishing well.

Casting Crowns – Official Movie Video

Great song…..great movie.

Tonight we hade Tommy’s school conferences. He needs to put his Harry Potter book away the first time he is asked and listen.  Hmm….sounds familiar.     4th grade is a huge transition for him and a bit of a struggle with the added responsibility.  His teacher suggested we buy him a dated assignment planner.   So I guess we will try that and see if he writes in it.   

 Friday, my other book group, Books and Babble is meeting. We will be discussing “Stormchasers” by Jenna Blum. I am still trying to get the audio finished of the book. I have about 4 more hours left. The author is originally from MN and was going to be in town. She had agreed to stop by our book group, but she ended up being at the MLS convention in Duluth longer than planned.

My reading has been really reduced lately. I really need to renew my commitment to making more time to read. I have been neglecting my book blog as well. So I really need to focus on getting some book reviews done. Both of my book groups are selecting their reading schedule for next year so I am getting excite about the new titles.

Saturday, Josh and I are planning on going to the Twin Cities Book Festival in Minneapolis. I hope to see a few authors present and check out all the venders. Josh made me up some great business cards with my book blog on it. I am looking forward to the experience, I have never gone to a Book Convention before.  I am looking forward to the new experience.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!  


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