The Remodel Progress….

   The journey began because one young man wanted to move back home.  This was what we started with……it is a long ways from move in ready!!  That was at the end of May.


Tommy enjoyed this look.  It made the perfect roller rink!!  Prior to looking like this is was stacked to the gills with storage stuff! 


 Next came the digging of the hole for the egress window…..what fun! That took a few weekends in June.


Then came the collapse of the hole…….oops…


Finally it was done and we were ready for the window to be installed.


The fruit if our labors……the egress window!


We went on vacation in July and when we returned the project had started and the insulation was up….YEAH!  Recessed lighting is installed.


Next the sheetrock was put up.  It is starting to look like a bedroom.


Then the walls were taped,  mudded and painted! 


Here is where we are today………..

The hole to right is where the sump pump is and a cabinet is being built above it.  The cabinet door in between the windows is one of the two cabinet doors for the alcove above the sump pump. 


The egress window is done and has a sill now, very nice.  To the right are the closet doors.  To the left is the door covering the electrical panel.   And yes, that window does look like it is centered on the wall now.  Thanks to the wonderful idea of our contractor, Andy to jut the wall out around the electrical panel.  PERFECT!


This is my bookcase and I LOVE IT!  This was the one thing we had put in for when we move into this room after Josh is out on his own again.  It is a double sided bookscase, on the opposite side when you come in the door there is an identical book case. 


Closet doors were hung and it is starting to look like a closet. 


I can’t wait to see what is accomplished tomorrow!!  It is getting exciting as they are finishing it up.  Then we will have it carpeted and Josh will move in.  His lease is up on the 31st, but it sounds like he plans on moving in the weekend before that so I think he will be on the couch for a bit. 

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  1. @cherylyn_p – I would love to do my kitchen too…but it will be another 10 years or so before we have the money again to do that one.  Slowly but surely it is getting done.   I am happy as long as it is all done by the time we retire so we can enjoy it!

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