Long To Do List Day…..

I really have alot to get done, so I need to post my To Do List to keep me on track!    It is a good thing I didn’t go into the office as the house really needs to be attended to.

2:00 – Teddy to the Groomer – DONE
Complete MIL medical Assistance PW
Complete Erik’s School Paperwork

Finish Dishes – Hubby Did –
Clean out Spices  (alphabetize) – DONE
Clean Cat Litter – DONE
Change Towels – DONE
Clean Windows/Curtains – DONE
Make Homemade Chicken Pot Pies for Tomorrows Supper

Clean out all Trash Cans – DONE

Wash Bedding – DONE
Dust/Sweep Bedrooms – DONE
Fill Meds Boxes – DONE
Clean Desk

Clean Mirrors and Doors – DONE

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