Grocery Shopping Results….

I am back from my grocery shopping trip.  Today I went to Aldi and Festival and I am very happy with my results!  I was at budget and I bought quite a bit of meat for future meals.    I bought enough groceries for two weeks and stocked up on meat.   I found 2 pounds packs of 90/10 hamburger for $2/ 0ff per pack at Aldi.  I bought 8 pounds.   I also bought 1/2 a pork loin that was 11.47.  Hubby will cut this up and make center cut pork chops. We should get another 3 to 4 meals out of that.  So I spent about 31.62 on meat that wasn’t on the list, but was a very good deal.   I have to keep my eye out for those sort of deals as it helps with my overall budget. 

I also picked up some things for my oldest son.  Some soup, tylenol, and thermomotor as he is sick.  It is so hard to have him living on his own when he is sick.  He called around 5:30 this morning saying he was sick.  It was all I could do to not get dressed and run over there.   We stopped by to see him this afternoon and take him some things.   I think in my mind, he will always be my baby.   Poor Kid. 

Sara Lee Bakery – 4.32

Sam’s Club – Grapes – 6.87 and SunnyDelight – 2.37 = 9.24

Aldi – 115.38

Festival – 31.10

Total = 160.04 / 80.02 per week

Wasting Food……

I starting reading the blog of The Frugal Girl and she posts a picture each week of the food that she had wasted.  She does very well and has very little waste of food.  I need to do better about keep track of what is in the fridge, so I am going to join her and post my food waste for the last two weeks.


Here is what I had to throw out today when cleaning out the fridge.  2 peppers (yellow and Red), cut up cukes I forgot to take to work for lunch.  One piece of lone lost celery and a container of Spaghetti.   Now I will admit the spaghetti was probably  fine, but it was a week old and I am not comfortable eating anything that old.  

Hopefully next time I will do better.  Not too bad for the first time!

Jen C



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  1. Oh, good job! I’ll get the linky thing fixed tomorrow, and then you can link to your blog when I put up my food waste post. You’ll just enter your name, and the direct link to this post, and then people can come and gaze at your food waste. lol It’ll get you some more hits for you blog, and maybe some regular readers. 🙂


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