Christmas rituals are like anchors in our lives. Doing the same things together, year after year, assures us that even in a changing world, some things never change.”

I can’t tell you how true the above statement is!!   I am very big on traditions with my family.   I honestly don’t remember a whole lot of rituals with my family growing up.  They might have happened, but I don’t remember them.  I am hoping we have had enough consistency with ours that my children remember them when they are older. 

Right now they remember them from year to year and ask for them.   We start with putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving.   Josh came over and participated in this with us as well.  It is hard having any tradition with him gone.  I think about it and find it so sad.  This is our first Christmas without Josh living under our roof.   I know I am lucky that he lives near and comes to visit frequently, but it is still a noticable difference to me. 

We dig out our Holiday movies and start setting the DVR to record some new ones!  We try to watch a holiday show each night together.  

A great tradition I started about 2 or three years ago after reading about it on Heartwomb’s site is to wrap Christmas books for each night before Christmas as a advent count down.  This is a great tradition and I hope to continue it with my grandkids some day.  

Last night was my annual cookie exchange party.  It was funny as Erik was pretty excited about it.   I think for him it is just the beginning to the holiday parties at our house.  He likes when we have parties.  

On Saturday we will have our family Christmas party.  We counted last night and we will have about 25 people in attendance.  We will have 3 new comers to the party.  We try to have a present for all new guests and children that come to our house.  We usually don’t exchange gifts between the adult siblings.  One year we drew names, but we haven’t been able to coordinate that since.  We always have a Italian theme meal.   Living in a family with aspergers syndrome , we thrive on things always being the same!   But honestly I like it that way too.

Hubby, the children and I have already started talking about what appetizers each person wants for Christmas Eve.   And we will be scouting the price for crab legs for our Christmas Day meal.   Our once a year crab meal!!   I am looking forward to it just thinking about it. 

On Christmas eve we open our presents from each other and attend candlelight service.  We always get new pjs for the children.  Then they wear them to bed so they look nice for pictures on Christmas morning.   I try to buy the boys each a book as well each Christmas. 

Santa does come to our house.  And if you believe in him, he leaves you gifts in your stocking and a family gift under the tree.  Amazingly enough everyone in my house believes in Santa.  Christmas day is spent at home enjoying our new gifts together!  We usually have brunch and an early crab supper. 

What memories/traditions do you have in your home???

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  1. I think you guys have wonderful traditions. It sounds very heartwarming and cozy to celebrate the holidays in your home.

    Do you buy all new holiday books for the Advent or do you just wrap books you have at home each year? I think that’d be a fun tradition. It’s not too late for me to start it with just a week or so worth of books!

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