Not a Morning Person…..

Argh, I truly am not a morning person.  I am suppose to be at church by 7:00 to help set up the school fundraiser that starts at 7:30.  It is about 6:20 and I am starting to come to life.   I need to jump into the shower and get ready.   I am setting up the bake sale and will work the tuition bucks table until about 10:30.  Then I will go to church and come home.

Today I plan on staying home.  I do have to make the cookies and food for my cookie exchange tomorrow night.   I forgot to call everyone to tell them how many cookies to make.  ARGH!!   I will have to do that today, plus I will see some people at church this morning as well.   Then the rest of the week should be easy.  All my Christmas gifts are made and ready.  I don’t have any extra gifts this year so I hope no more unannounced people are coming to my house for Christmas.  I suppose I should at least have a box of candy on hand just in case.   My houe is always open to anyone for Christmas and my neices and nephews frequently bring significant others or friends.   We should have a hosue full this year.   So our big family celebration will be on the saturday before Christmas and the week of Christmas will be quite family time with our children.   I reall do like it that way.

Later!!!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Jen C

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