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More Than it Hurts You – Darin Strauss – (4/5)

Josh Goldin is a happily married TV airtime salesman with an eight-month-old son. When baby Zack is treated twice for mysterious and life-threatening symptoms, the head of a pediatric ICU, Dr. Darlene Stokes, tells Child Protective Services that she thinks Josh’s wife, Dori, suffers from Munchausen syndrome, whereby the afflicted injure their children deliberately to draw attention to themselves. The Goldins’ ensuing battle to keep Zack provides grist for public debate about issues ranging from parents’ rights to race.

Next up –

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle -David Wroblewski – this is a pretty long book.  I need to have it done by book group next month.   

Cool Resource…

I finally decided against purchasing the Kindle.  I decided that even though it is WAY cool, I really don’t have time to actually read book.  I still get through most of my books by listening to them.   So I decided to use  This is a very cook website. 

Audible. com is a site where you can download audiobooks to your MP3 player or IPOD, etc.   I have a gold membership which means I can download one book a month free for my monthly fee of $14.95.  They were having a special so the first three months is only $7.95 each.     

Will this save me money???  Yes, to some extent.   This weekend I bought the book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle at Target.  I am unable to get this book at the library as the wait is too long and I need to have it done for book group.   I paid about 17.00 for the book.  I also decided to get it on since it is a very long book and I will need to listen to it to get it done by next month.   So had I only bought it at, I would have saved about 3.00 and I could get it done since I will be listening to it.   I might be able to sell my book to someone else in my book group. 

So if you enjoy audiobooks, check out

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