More of my night……

I went down to Timber Lodge Steak House for supper and my guilty pleasures contiued there as well!!!   The special of the night was steak and lobster.   Oh my…how naughty does that sound???  Well, yes, of course that is what I ordered!  

I came back to my room with a very full tummy and took a very long, hot bath!!   I think I was in there for over an hour soaking and reading my book.    I just finished my book for book group next week and now I am going to work on setting up the voting system for my in real life book group.   We are going to be selecting our picks for the first half of next year at our next meeting.  

Then I think I will either work on my website for a bit or start my net book.  The night is still young!!   yeah, I know I am pathetic.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy in life, but then again that is a good thing.   What a blessed life to find such joy in the trivial things. 

Finished Reading:

Here If You Need Me: A True Story – Kate Braestrup – 3.5/5



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  1. I am sooo jealous.  That’s why I enjoy traveling for work.  Quiet evenings to myself to read or do whatever.  Mostly no fixing dinner and picking up afterwards.


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