I am off of work again today.   This morning I am volunteering at Tommy’s school for about 2 hours.   Then I am home for a bit until we have an appointment at the bank.  We are finishing up our finances so we can get our home improvements done around here.   Hubby and I sat down last night and worked with the numbers a bit.  It looks like that installing the new windows, driveway and elexcrtical will only increase our monthly expenses by less than $100.00.    Hopefully we will see that much return on our heating bill.    We have our driveway estimate later this afternoon.   I really have no idea how much this will cost.   

The plan is to have all the home improvements done by Christmas!   I sure hope it works out like that.  I am a bit nervous about taking on such large projects.    We then have everything updated in the house and have 10 years to pay it all off.   The plan is to have the mortgage and the home improvements all paid off by the time we retire and it looks like that will happen way many years before we retire!   My # `1 thing is that I do not want to retire with any debt.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day!   I love Fall and my mood and outlook is great!

Jen C

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  1. That is an awesome plan!  Ron and I are living in an apartment right now but we still own our home in MI.  It’s in great shape for the most part but could use new windows too.  It’s so expensive!  Do you think it’s cheaper to do it one at a time or all at once?  Anyway, we are also making goals for retirement.  For us that is probably 30+ years away but in the next 3 years we want to have additional retirement investments.  Ron works for the gov’t so his retirement will be good but we want to make sure we’ll be taken care of, especially considering I think social security will have long since died!  We want to make sure we’re able to take care of my parents if needed too.

  2. We had new vinyl windows installed. The ones that swung INSIDE to be cleaned. That was at our first house and I loved the improvement. The house we are in now is nicknamed, “The House of Glass” as we have SO MANY windows. Unfortunately, if we put in new windows here, it will be a few at a time. Regarding BIG PROJECTS: The window replacement in our first house wasn’t an inconvenience. They were torn out and replaced all in one day. It was NOT a major thing we had to live around for weeks on end.

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