Life is busy, but good.   I am enjoying this time in my life and my family so much.   The kids are all doing so well.   Erik is working on finishing his Faith paper to be confirmed and is doing very well.  Tommy is loving piano lessons, soccer and swimming lessons.   I used to HATE to practice my trombone when I was in band, but Tommy loves to play the piano and catches on to each lesson very quickly.   I do have to get after him to not play by ear.  

Yesterday I stayed home so I could take care of a few things around the house.    I had a delivery that was being made that I needed to be home for.


Above is the picture of the cooktop in my kitchen.  It is nearly 45 years old.  We really needed a new one!!


See the big holes burnt into it.  I am not sure what happened to it as it was like that when we moved in.


Yesterday this lovely, sparkling cooktop was delivered and installed.  Only problem is that new cooktops are an electric ignition so I have to have an electrician come in and install a outlet inside the cupboard.   Currently I can use the cooktop, but have to use an extentsion cord to plug it in.  LOL!!!   But I LOVE IT!!!!

Since I was home yesterday I finished up some things and made a number of calls that I have been needing to.   I scheduled to have two estimates made for our driveway next week.   I also have three different electrical companies coming to give us an estimate.  And I finally got all the info to the last window person to get our estimate.   I called the bank and turned in our equity application.   Things are moving rithgt alone!   Hopefully if all the estimates come back favorably we will have new windows, driveway and electrical by Christmas!!


Since I was home, I worked on painting in Tommy’s room in between loads of laundry.   I have completed most of the Pirates only Poster. 


I primed the area to start the Treasure Map on the wall.  This one is pretty big so it will take a while!  

Hope all is well with you!!   Enjoy your day!

Jen C

4 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY…

  1. I love what you have done in Tommy’s room.  I have absolutely no ability to paint like that.  I have trouble doing a wall all in one color. 

    I can picture the extension cord, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

  2. You are SOOO artistic! I’m envious!

    I bet you love the new cook top, too, because the burners touch and your pots & pans don’t fall off the burner! Mine is similar to yours.

    Congrats on everything you are doing around the house. You’ll feel like royalty when it’s all over!

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