American Idol…..

Of course we watched American Idol tonight.   We will need to watch the end again with Tommy on a different day as he had to go to bed.  It has been a fun season of American Idol for us.  This is the first year we have watched the entire season.  The only reason we watched it is that Tommy really got into it.  He would say funny things when he would critique the performances.. He would say, the beginning was good, but the middle wasn’t so good.   He had his favorite performers.  

He will be happy with who won as that is who he wanted to win!!!    The winner was David Cook.  

Now the part of the story that my hubby would not like to me to share.   We bought tickets to American Idol live for Tommy’s Birthday.  Tommy doesn’t know we bought them.   We are going to just show up there for a surprise.  Tommy will just go nuts!!!!   So on August 31, we will see American Idol live with our little guy. Hubby isn’t too thrilled about going, but he is a great Daddy and will go with us. 

I have all the food prepared for my book group.  I am going to wash dishes and head to bed!!!


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