Day #3 – Shopping!!

I was up early this morning.  I went and had breakfast and then came back to my room to read until my friends woke up!   We headed out to the mall this morning and shopped.  I go shopping twice a year for work clothes.  I found a number of great things today.  I bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 jeans, and a number of tops.  I am all set for summer now.  

Then we came back and I went over to register for the conference.  I returned to the room to read and take a little nap until supper time.  We headed over to the Taste of Saigon for supper.  The food was great.  I tried Saki for the first time…not my fav.   Went to the room for a bit and then went over to Angies to have a margarita.  YUMMY!!!  Now that I like!  

Now I am back in my room and ready to call it a night. I will curl up in bed with my book for the night.   Would you believe I have been here for three days and I have not yet turned the TV on in my room at all.  I love the quiet and am enjoying my book alot!!  Great, great book!!!

Tommy here is the video of the boat that came in  today….I email the other movie to your daddy.  He will show you later!!

Another boat…I almost missed this one!!

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