I’m A Big Girl Now……..

Morning everyone!!  I am taking a break after being up for a bit this morning.   The smallest things est make me exhausted!   The things I take for granted in being my busy bee life style.  A slower pace to life is very difficult for me.  But today is my first day of being a BIG GIRL!!  I am staying home alone today with only Tommy to help me. 


Amy came over to help me yesterday.   I needed to take out the garbage and vacuum.  Amy came over and did those things for me as there was no way I could do them.   I was determined I would wash the dishes myself yesterday.  I worked on them through out the day, but didn’t make it through them.  There aren’t many to do, but I wasn’t able to stand too long at a time.   I did manage make Mac and Cheese for lunch.  

Still alot of my day is spent in my bedroom propped up in bed with pillows.  I have someone bring my computer into my bedroom and I could take care of a few things yesterday.   I started working on collecting some information needed for our taxes.  I over estimated my flexible spending account for daycare.  I called my provider and found out if I would be reimbursed for the money we have paid for having others caring for Erik.   The cut off age is normally 13, but since he has PCA services and unable to be home alone would his care meet IRS regulations.  They are going to send me some forms to complete and hopefully I can use the left over money to reimbursed for Erik’s care.  I just started adding up the hours since September that I have documented for his care.   We average about 20+ hours a month to cover time we are at work, etc.  This is one of those times that it pays off to keep records, etc.  I generally pay $5 an hour for his care so that really adds up, usually at least an extra $100 a month. 

I also paid bills and worked on our budget.  I finally paid off all our out standing medical bills.   We hade bills from my crown I needed, Josh’s surgery and hospitalization and my MRI.   We will be right back in owing as soon as the the bill for my knee surgery and Erik’s evaluation come in.  Since I have been homebound I am saving money.  My weekly $60 gas budget is hardly touched so that could go to medical bills.  I also didn’t spend any fun money as I haven’t left the house in over a week.   

In reviewing our year, I will say my hubby was right about my not getting a second job.  I had applied for a couple of second jobs, but he felt it was too much for me.  So instead I focused my energies on finding ways to cut our monthly expenses, without my hubby or children noticing.   The results were good and I have had the healthiest year ever.   The more stressed I get, the more susceptible I am to illness.   I have stayed within my weekly budget.  If I over spend in an area, I just get rid of my fun money for the week.  I am able to do that often, or pay my fun money to pay down our debts.  We are still on the path to becoming debt free.   Of course that is years in the future, but we are staying the course.  I read the book Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt and am using the Rapid Debt Repayment calculator on her site.   It is great!!!   Check out DebtProofliving.com

I know many people are able to save money by shopping weekly, but for me the key is to be in the stores less!  I plan menus and shopping two weeks at a time.  I also only allow myself to set foot into Walmart or Target once a week for household items.  So most weeks I actually am under my budget for groceries and household items.  I allow 160 every two weeks for groceries and 20 dollars a week for household items/cleaners,etc. 


I am home alone with Tommy.  The hardest thing for me to do is to take the dog out.   So far this morning I have showered, made the bed and read my bible.   I also had Tommy help me get down to the basement.  It was like going grocery shopping.  I was able to get to the freezer and our pantry shelf in the laundry room.   Tommy carried a small box for me that I filled with needed items.   He carried up two boxes of food for the day. 

I was exhausted after going up and down the stairs so I am resting a bit now.   I will again today attempt to get the dishes washed.  I think I can get the remaining dishes done today.   I hope to read my book some today.  I have not been reading at all the last few months.  I just get into a mood sometimes and it takes  bit to snap out of it.  I started reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.   I was going to stop reading it but  Katiesmom’s        comment about this being her favorite book got me to pick it up again!

 I was hoping to be able to get groceries tomorrow, but I really don’t think I am ready to walk that much.  So today I will make my menu and shopping list for hubby to get groceries.   


  • Bible Reading
  • Make Bed
  • Shower
  • Wash Dishes
  • Shopping List/Menu
  • Tidy Living Room – 10 min
  • Tidy Dining Room – 10 min
  • Tidy Kitchen – 10 min

This should take me until bedtime to complete this list, considering the amount of time I rest between each item!

I have really been enjoying getting caught up on reading my xanga subs and discovering new sites this week.  Have a great day!

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