Hoping every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving Day with my parents.  Yesterday we went to work on my parents old house to get it ready to be sold.  We painted all 4 rooms that were left to paint.   With all of us working on it, the work went very quickly.   We got back to my parents new house and made supper and relaxed until bedtime.

Tommy had fallen asleep on the trip and was very hard to wake up when we got back to my parents new house.   Around 11:00, hubby finally got Tommy to sleep.  At about 3:30am, Josh had come into our bedroom as Tommy was vomiting.    We got up and got Tommy cleaned up and he continued to be sick the rest of the night.   He finally was able to hold water down around noon.   I stayed up through the night with him.   In the morning I went off to get some soda and tummy friendly foods.  

Hubby, Josh and my dad went to work on the other house while my mom and I stayed back with Tommy.   Tommy has been feeling better now for the last few hours.  My mom stayed with Tommy for a bit and I was able to take a bit of a nap.   This is our last day here and tomorrow morning we will be heading back home.   It is always nice to be with family and the time sure goes quickly.  

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