Vacation Day # 1

The boys, Amy and I left on Thursday to meet up with hubby in Duluth.  We got to Duluth at about 4;00 and checked into our hotel.  We had a two bedroom suite which was a great size for the six of us.

Duluth 07 002

Our Kitchen….great saver of money!! We try to eat in the room as much as possible.

Duluth 07 001

Our Dining Room….

Duluth 07 004

Living Room, Fire Place and the door to the master bedroom.  Someone was always turning on the fireplace.  It was a great novelty as was a dish washer!!

Duluth 07 005

Other side of the living room – hot tub in the living room.  HUGE hit with Tommy.  A swimming pool in your room!

Duluth 07 006

Master bedroom for Mom and Dad

Duluth 07 007

Kids Bedroom….

The room also had two bathrooms which sure made it easier for us all go get showered and ready in the morning.   Also each morning there was a complimentary hot breakfast with french toast, eggs, etc… Another big money saver when feeding 6 people each day! 

While we waited for hubby to be done with his conference for the day, we walked down to the pier and on the boardwalk.  

Duluth 07 015

Duluth 07 016 Duluth 07 017 Duluth 07 021

We then walked over to the convention center thinking that hubby was there.  We went to stop by the movie theater via the skyway to see what was showing.  We walked around a bit more and then met with hubby at the hotel.  

Then we went out to supper at my favorite restaurant, Little Anige’s Canteena.  YUMMY!!!  After supper we went back to the room and took Tommy swimming while the older kids went out to walk around Canal Park a bit. 

Duluth 012

And After swimming for hours in the pool…of course you need to come back to the room and get in the hot tub!!!

Duluth 013

Tommy my little fish….

The rest of the night we just hung out in the room once Josh, Amy and Erik came back from walking around.

Duluth 014


Duluth 017

Josh being weird…..

Duluth 016

Amy updating her check register….I wish she would teach Josh to do that!!

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