We all slept in on our first full day in Duluth.  I woke up at about 9:00 and called to the front desk to see what time breakfast is over, ooops…9:30!  So we all hurried and got down stairs and had breakfast, except for Josh.  He didn’t get out of bed and we brought a tray up to him.

Once we finally all got showered and dressed we headed out to do a bit of shopping.   We went to DSW shoe warehouse and bought school shoes for everyone.  Then we shopped around a could of more places for school shirts for Erik with no luck. 

Duluth 019 And no we did not buy this t-shirt!!  But it made those guys laugh.   It says ” I saw your mom on the Internet!”  Then we went to Target and bought pop, sandwich makings and snacks for the room.  We also bought some pool toys for the kids.  What alot of shopping we did!!!!  We headed back to the hotel and got everything put away. 






evan almighty




 It was a dreary/rainy day so we decided to go to the movie.  We went to see Even Almighty.  That was a great movie!!  Very funny!  I am glad we went to that. 


After the movie we went out to eat at Timber Lodge Steakhouse.   We had appetizers and steak.  Tommy and I shared a meal.  I had the prime rib…wow…it was soooo good!!! 

Once back to the room for the evening we headed out to go swimming of  course.  That is how we spent every evening, both Erik and Tommy love to swim! 

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