Happy Father’s Day…

Wishing all father’s a wonderful Father’s Day!   I didn’t wake hubby up for church this morning.  He is still sleeping.  I know he will be happy to have the extra sleep.  I was up by 8:00, which is really good since I was up until after 1:00.  

Plans for the day.  I need to clean up the house today some more.  I also have to finally get Tommy’s room cleaned!  It is TERRIBLE!   We are celebrating Father’s day with my Inlaws today.   There are coming over for supper this evening.  I am making steak, corn on the cob, baked Potatoes and Green Beans.  I was going to make a carrot cake for hubby, but he requested a Banana Cream pie from Baker’s Square.  I will go get that this afternoon.  

What else have be been up to this weekend…….

Saturday got up early and went to the garage sale at church.   I got a whole bag of clothes for Tommy, mostly Carter’s Pj;s and T-shirts for only $8.00.  I bought a few pairs for shorts for Erik, but since he wasn’t with us, I am not sure they will fit.  For myself, I bought a pair of Addias Capris and a New York and Company purse.  I was tired and hot after getting home from shopping. 

I started on the dishes and Tommy went to swim in the neighbors pool.   At 3:00 hubby and I went to the movie Knocked Up, not a family movie, but VERY funny!   I had a good laugh over it.   A lot of the F word so if that offends you, you might not like it. 

After the movie we came home and I made some Yummy Mushroom Burgers for Supper and Fries.  Tommy actually cleaned his plate.  I tricked him a bit.  He hates Mushrooms, so I put a piece of cheeese melted over the burger and he couldn’t see the mushrooms and ate the whole burger.  He even like it!!   After that I was really feeling wiped out.  So hubby ran over to my SIL and got the movie Hook and Tommy and I watched that in bed while Hubby mowed the lawn. 

You would have thought I would have slept well, but I was having leg cramps so I took some extra potassium and Calcium and got up and finished the dishes.  Emma was over hanging out with Josh until late.   Once I was done with the dishes, I realized I had not made the marinate for Father’s Day.   I usually marinade the meat for about 24 hours, but this will still marinade for over 12 hours so I think it will still be good.    Then I collapsed into bed for the night after 1:00.  I am not sure what is going on, I have been having a terrible time sleeping.  I was up until after 2:00 am on Thursday night as well.     It is like when I was taking steroids, but I haven’t been on any for over a year. 

Friday I had a late home visit and didn’t get home from work until a little after 7:00pm.   I decided since Aldi was open until 8:00 I would hurry and get groceries since I had my list all ready.   We were pretty much out of meat so I had to buy some and I ended up being about $6.00 over budget.  I had budgeted 160.00 for the two weeks of groceries.  I also bought two T-bone steaks, one for hubby and one for my FIL.  That is not a purchase I normally make so I would have been fine without that.   I came home and put away the cold and frozen groceries from Aldi and then I ran to Cub Foods and bought the last of the groceries for the next two weeks.   It was bedtime when I got home and I was sooooo ready to go to sleep. 

I am off to get my cleaning done so I can enjoy the rest of the day relaxing.   Have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!  Tommy is very blessed with a wonderful, loving Daddy. 

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  1. Hi!

    One of my lady friends told me that if you have leg cramps during the night you should drink some canada dry tonic water with quinine.  It works and you don’t have to drink much at all.

    Love ya!


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