I am just getting ready to head home for the night.  I have been thinking today and I really need to get back to making some goals for the month.   I have been doing terrible at taking care of myself.

The first thing, I really need to start eating three meals a day.  I am lucky if I eat once a day right now.  I finally had a sandwich at about 3:00 today before heading to my 4:30 appointment.   It sure would be nice to not be eating meals on the road.  

I have been doing better about making time for myself and reading,  etc.  


I am hoping to participate in the Book Awards Reading Challenge I found posted on a blog I like to read.    I hope to find 12 books on my shelves at home to meet the requirements of the Challenge.   I need some motivation to read my books on my shelf.  I am always either getting stuff from the library or buying books.  I will list my books late for the challenge.   Anyone want to join me in the challenge???

Well time to head home………….have a great night!!!


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  1. I’m very behind on reading my subscriptions…just wanted to say that I’m reading a library book now while I have two huge rubbermaid containers of books I’ve gotten on!  I don’t think I’ll live long enough to read all the books that I want to read.

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