Our Coymas is over and now it is time to focus on the real reason for the season, Christmas.   Our family party was nice.   I  think we had about 23 people over.  We welcome anyone to our home for this celebration.   If you don’t have a place to celebrate you are welcome here.  We had one return guest, a friend of my BIL.  He is in a wheel chair, but able to walk to our steps.   He is a sweet man and seems to enjoy the hustle and bustle of our home.  Also my BIL brought along his girlfriend’s son.   What I have learned is to always have a couple of extra gifts like boxes of chocolates or candles so that everyone has gifts to open.  So I am always prepared for the unexpected girlfriend of one of my nephews that I didn’t know about, etc.  

Tonight our plans consist of going to church, open presents from each other and having appetizers and hanging out together as a family.   Tomorrow morning Santa will have stopped by and leave presents so we will open those before heading to church.  Christmas dinner this year will be King Crab legs, potatoes, biscuits and veggie.  The boys and I will be making a gingerbread train on Christmas and playing our new family games we received. 

Erik is with his mother for Christmas.  It is her year for Christmas.  She has the week off of work so he is staying there all week so we can all work.  

I have to laugh at Josh.  He has asked everyone for cash for christmas instead of gift cards.  He is opening a ROTH IRA with the Christmas money and the money he received after the death of his grandmother.  I think he said he had to have $1000 to open the account.   He is thinking of his future and sure he will be rich doing this..and he will have a great nest egg starting the IRA so early and continuing to add to it each year.  He is young and has alot of years to contribute to it.  He makes me proud when he does these type of things as I know he is listening to me about money and things.   He did get his grades and he didn’t do as well as he had hoped this first semester, but I sort of expected that .  I was the same way, I thought college would be easy like high school was for me.  I had to actually study in college.  LOL!!   He assures me next semester will be much better.  

Not much planned for the week.  We do have to make sure we get in and buy Josh new tires for his car.  Winter has hit and he needs tires.  That is where it comes in handy that he is paying us rent.  He needs tires and we have the money to get them, even though it is his money we have saved it to use on things he needs.  He isn’t that great about saving money on his own necessarily for these type of things.  But maybe that is starting to change since he is working hard to open this ROTH IRA.

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  1. Oh It sounds like you all had a great time, what fun I wish I could do something like. It sounds like your son is getting a good head on his shoulders now that he is growing up. What a smart Idea not many think of things like that at his age. I hope you all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!

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