Merry Coymas

Good Morning.   Today is what our family calls Coymas.  This is our family Christmas celebration at out house.  I am up early as I need to get groceries to make food for today.   So I will make a list and menu and head out hopefully to beat the crowds.  Then home again to clean up the house.  

I was home yesterday with Tommy since daycare was closed.   We had a pretty good day, though he was a bit crabby.   I took him to the dollar store to buy guft for his family.   It is funny what he picks out for people sometimes.   He was so excited to wrap the gifts and hid them in his room until we have Christmas.   Then we had an appointment with Erik’s therapist, which can take up most of our night.  

We came home and Josh was getting read to go to a Christmas party at the friends.   He came running upstairs saying there was a mess in the laundry room.  OH boy was there!!   A new gallon of laundry detergent had fallen off the dryer and broke open.  There was laundry soap everywhere!!  What a mess.  I have is all cleaned up except for under the washer and dryer.  It slowly continues to seep out from under there.  

I was in bed and read until a bit late.  I hope to get stuff done around here and read for the afternoon as well.   I need the relaxing that is for sure!!


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