The Saga Continues……

My brother warned me the other night, don’t say “what else could go wrong”, which I did!!   Not anything too major I hope, but seems someone has accessed some of my accounts online, mainly Yahoo mail and attempted on my paypal account.   I had an unauthorized transaction on my paypal account which was debited from my bank account.  This is already being credited back to my account.   The person must have hacked into my yahoo mail account as there was a message in my sent folder asking “where is my sons order”.   So I changed all my passwords to a more secure password and closed my checking account and opened a new one.  All new numbers and passwords all around.   I rather go over kill on this and make sure our funds and lives are secure.  

According to Paypal an IP address from the Netherlands was trying to gain access to my account.   It doesn’t seem like they got through.  I get plenty of spoof stuff or fake paypals stuff, but I have never ever clicked on any links so I am unsure where and what has been violated. 

So anyways, I will be changing to a new email account so I will send my new email address to those in my address book!  I should get that all switch over tonight.   What a pain!  So if I don’t respond to an email, know that I have changed it and please resend.

11 thoughts on “The Saga Continues……

  1. That just stinks! I’ve always maintained seperate email accounts for friends and family, general internet stuff and financial purposes…and I check all of them daily…you just can’t be careful enough anymore. Stupid hackers.

  2. What a bummer! It’s unreal what can be done these days.  Do you have a firewall? It amazes me when I go into look at the firewall log how many attempts there are to get into the computer.  And I have an AOL account, which is supposedly not as easy to get into as cable.  I hope it all is stragtened out for you now!

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