Today is Erik’s first day of school.  I will have to take a picture out front of him before school.   A tradition I do with each of my children.   The pictures are fun to look at as you watch your child grows up the door.    This is Erik’s last year of middle school.   Next year he will be starting high school.   WOW!!  

Tommy’s first day of preschool is tomorrow.    This is his third and last year of preschool.   Next year he will be starting kindergarten at the parochial school. 



We went to the hopsital in the morning and saw my MIL.  She is doing ok.  She did have a low hemogoblin so she was getting blood when we came to visit.   I was able to talk to the case manager from the clinic on the phone and the news wasn’t that great.  Medicare only pays for a very limited stay at a transitional care center after that it is private pay.    My in-laws do not have any savings and live on their limited social security.   We will have to figure this all out and what programs such as Medical Assistance could assist in paying for her rehabilitation.   I called the case manager this morning already and will try to get to the hospital when ever she will be visiting with my inlaws. 

We did go to the fair for about 2 hours.   Tommy had been cooped up in the hospital all weekend and we had talk about going to the fair the previous week.  Poor Kid.  It was so crowded that he was scared in the exhibits and would not go in them.  He did go through only one and walked around a bit.  He got one blow up toy.   A very cheap day at the fair.  He wasn’t interested in any rides really either.   Maybe next year we will try again, but go during the week so there would be less people.   Tommy hopefully will do better with crowds as he gets older. 

After the Fair hubby went ot pick up Erik.   We then had supper and packed school bags.   After that we went to the hospital again to check in with Grandma before bedtime.  


Work, work….stop at the hospital…Work, Work……I am tired already. 

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  1. Sweet Erik!  Don’t tell him I said that…he’s manly and tough!  LOL…I guess it’s a good thing to have a social worker for a dil.  I’m sure you’re a big help with regard to your mil’s needs at this time.

    Have a good week, Jen!  At least it’s a short one.

  2. Boy, don’t they grew up fast. I think your Tommy and my Rebecca will be starting kindergarten at the same time. It just seems like yesterday we were in China picking up our 11 month old little girls. Where does all the time go.

  3. First day of school how fun. I tried to post a comment on the above post and it wouldn’t let me I am so sorry to hear about Josh’s Grandmother passing away, that is so sad. I pray that you will get some much needed rest at the hotel this weekend. God Bless


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