Last Day Of Vacation……

 Last day to get things ready before school starts.    Erik returns home today as well.   Looks like another cold rainy day so I doubt we will make it to the fair today.   I guess we will have to try for next year.   That is a major bummer.   

YESTERDAY – we stopped at the hospital and grandma was getting therapy.  They had her up and bearing weight on her leg, but she really couldn’t do that yet.  So back to bed for Grandma.   She was in a fair amount of pain.   Once they gave her some meds and she fell asleep we headed out to run some errands.  Hubby wanted to go to the Half Price Books in St Paul so we headed there.  It rained and rained…….I only spent 7.00 at the store, pretty good.   The rest of the evening consisted of supper and reading.  Daddy read to Tommy after his bath.   They read a few more chapters of Mummies in the Morning of the Magic Treehouse series.   Then Daddy got out the pictures of when he was in the army and was in Egypt.   Tommy thought that was the coolest!  

TODAY – Laundry, cleaning up Tommy’s room and getting things ready for school tomorrow.   We will stop at the hospital this morning and at the mall to return a pillow.    Hopefully it is a quiet day. 

I am and only one up in the entire house so I think I will enjoy the quiet and read for a bit.  read   Have a great day!!!

6 thoughts on “Last Day Of Vacation……

  1. Sorry to hear you all did not make it to the fair. Would you like to send some of that rain our way? That would be nice. Sorry to hear that Grandma is in alot of pain. She is still in our prayers. I hope the kids have fun their first day of school.

  2. I sent Trey off to preschool this morning. He wasn’t very excited about it though. This time I let Papa (grandpa) take him since ‘technically’ it isn’t his first day this time and I already know the lady who is his teach. She was my husband’s neighbor since he was little, so I trust her and she is very sweet. I don’t know yet how things went, but I’m sure he was ok by the time Papa got out the front door. Hope you got everything accomplished you wanted to. I have SO much to do around my house it is unbelievable… maybe it’ll get done one day

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