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We came back from South Dakota last night.  It was a good trip.  It was really nice to have time with Josh and chat, etc.   We had a good time.   Saturday we went to the graduation and reception afterwards.  After that we went to the park and played.  It was fun!  Many things are still the same as when I was little.   We even got Grandmas to go on a few things.   Sunday we stayed until lunch and then headed back to MN.   On the way home we decided to go a few miles out of our way and drove to Buffalo, MN, where Josh and I used to live.   Our old yellow house is a parking lot and our trailer house is still there.  It was interesting……seems like a different lifetime we lived there.   We both are happy with the change of living in the cities.  

Being home in SD was nice.  The atmosphere there is so quiet and layed back.  No one rushes around.   I like visiting it, but can’t live like that anymore.  I need to be busy!

While we were gone the basement flooded….fun, fun, fun…….

I came home and helped Erik with his homework while hubby visited with a friend from work.  Then  I went to bed to read for a while.  


Back to our life…..I took Tommy to preschool and called hubby to remind him to pick up Tommy.   Hubby forgot….got a call from the preschool that no one came to get Tommy.  ARGH!!!   Poor Kid….I sure wish I could be astay at home mom and just take care of my kids.  I also dropped off some paperwork at the school for Erik and made my follow-up Dr appointment.

We had a retirement party today for HappySauder.   It was nice to see her, but I had to run out and head to a meeting in another town.   I am so envious of her life……I want to be home with my kids so badly!

I am off to get my paperwork ready for my meetings tomorrow….I have court nice and early in the morning and then meeting the rest of the day.   Life is busy…busy….

This weekend will be busy too as we have some family obligations going on as well.   I need the long weekend, but I am afraid I will have to bring my laptop home and work some this weekend

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  1. Yes, you have a busy life.  I can’t really afford to be home with my kids, but right now I have no choice.  Hmmm…that came out wrong.  I WANT to be home with my kids but the financial strain is hard.  My wish is for my hubby to make more money…but I know that might now be realistic for some time now…so you do what you can.

    I’ll be praying it will work out for you to stay at home if God has given you that wish in your heart.


  2. Glad you had a great trip and made it home safely.  Hope the transition back to the busy life goes well, funny how it’s hard to relax when on vacation huh? I do that too! LOL! 😉  Blessings!

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