I can’t wait for the three day weekend….I so need a break and some additional sleep.  Story of my life. 


Yesterday was busy.  I had to rush out the door to get Tommy to daycare early so I could appear in court at 8:30.   Did I ever mention that the part of my job that I hate is going to court!!  I hate writing recommendation to the court, etc.  I really could live without that in my life.   I was there at 8:30, but the judge didn’t make it in until after 9:00.  Ok….why summons me at 8:30 if no one will be there!!!   I was in and out of court quickly and all went fine.  It was an easy case.

Then I came back to the office and wrote two plans very quickly and headed off to my afternoon appointments.  I put on over 100 miles for work driving here and there….ARGH!!!!  I got home around 7:00 and ate supper and went to bed and watch American Idol.   I barely could stay awake until it was done.  

I guess Julie came over to use the computer last night, but Tommy, Erik and I were alseep already. 


Tommy has his last official day of preschool for the year.  Next week is the graduation ceremony and end of year picnic I will be going with him.   After I dropped him off at school I ran to CVS and dropped of Erik’s scripts as I need to give pills to his mother on Friday.   Hopefully I can have hubby pick them up this evening as I am suppose to go to book group tonight.  

Today is busy, busy….I have unit meeting and then a client coming to the office for a meeting and then I am off to Rosemount.   I am off ….later!

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