Another Week……

The weekend went very quickly.   But then again, doesn’t it always. 

FRIDAY –  I was at a friends house with 11 other women.  We ate, chatted and watched movies!  It was alot of fun.  I left her house around midnight.  Boy was I tired.  

SATURDAY –  Hubby worked the entire day.  I took Erik and Tommy with me.   Erik needed a haircut and new pants.   I was trying to wait to buy more pants for him, but it just isn’t shorts weather yet so he needed more pants for school.   So we stopped at the library and then bummed around the mall shopping for a bit and had lunch.   Then we came home and went with Josh to where the limo was picking him up to take prom pictures.   In the evening Erik ended up doing homework and Tommy and I watched a movie.   Tommy went to his bed after the movie was done.  

SUNDAY – I woke up with the worse headache and had it most of the day.   On Sunday I worked on cleaning around the house and laundry.  My lovely hubby even let me take a two hour hap to see if my headache would go away.   Tommy again slept in his bed and hubby and I watched a movie in our bed.


MONDAY – I have a late meeting so will be working late.  

TUESDAY – Tommy has school and Erik has two appointments.  His glasses came in so I need to pick them up as well.  

WEDNESDAY – Working and Church

THURSDAY – Tommy school and working.  I am participating on the hiring committee all day. 

FRIDAY – working again….

Since I am working everyday this week, I will need to figure out a night to get groceries.   Argh…never enough hours in the days!

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