DAY OFF…or as much as I ever have a Day Off!!!

Wednesday……and I don’t need to go into the office.   I actually will have only 40 hours in this week and will do that in 4 days.   But I have a very busy day at home planned.  

I have my first Dr Appointment of the day at 8:20.  I will have to take Tommy with me as I can’t leave the house until Erik leaves for the bus, which doesn’t give me enough time to get to the daycare and back to the Dr.  This appintment is to have my foot looked at.  It is still swollen and it is turning black and blue in a couple of spots as well.  I can’t wear regular shoes yet and it still hurts if I am up on it too much.   I think I vaguely remember stubbing my big toe.   I need to have it checked out since I have fairly severe osteoporosis and my bones break fairly easy.   I have already had a broken rib. 

After that I will take Tom to daycare and come home.  At home I need to fill out the Functional Behavioral Assessment for Erik reassessment at school and drop that off today.  I need to make a grocery list/Menu.   And of course buy groceries.  I also have to put clean clothes away.  Hubby has been doing very very good about helping with laundry the last few days and I have about 6 loads to put away!   But at least that means our weekend will not be filled with laundry.  Maybe we can actually watch a movie or I can read!   

I also have an appointment to have a kidney ultra sound done at 1:00 to rule out kidney stones.   I hope to get groceries after that appointment.   If I accomplish this all I will be a happy camper!   Alwasy so much to do!  

Josh is suppose to have a physical done on Friday but I am going to reschedule it for him since he has an opportunity to work for a friends grandparents and earn $10.00 an hour.   He will work there from 8 to 4 on Friday and Saturday in addition to also working at Express on Saturday.   He won’t be around much this weekend again.  So he should have some extra money for prom and things.   Did I mention he and his friends rented a limo for prom?  Silly kids….but I know they will have a great time.   He already rented his tux and things.  But he still needs money for dinner and flowers.  Senior year is so expensive, but he is making great memories!  I told him I would pay for his Senior Party ticket so I will order that this week.  Senior year is just flying by…..the  graduation open house is looming closer and closer!!  

Tommy was up running around when I got home last night still.  So he will be hard to get up and out the door to my Dr appointment.  Erik was in bed, but hubby had sent him to bed early since he had snuck off when he was grounded and also did something else…can’t even remember what.   Hubby wasn’t the happiest when I got home last night.  Erik had an ortho appointment and got the springs added to his braces.  I think that is in preparation to soon getting his bottom braces not sure.  Hubby took him to the appointment and really didn’t ask. 

Well I am off to wake up Tommy and check on Erik.   Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “DAY OFF…or as much as I ever have a Day Off!!!

  1. I didn’t realize you  have a HS Senior too! My son has been saving $$ for prom… It is SO expensive. Last year he went with a “friend”… this year he has a girlfriend and has already asked her… And I volunteered to help out in the food area at After Prom… Yes, the woman who is in bed and asleep by 9:30 is going to stay up all night! I figured it’s his last “shebang” and I’d love to be a part of it somehow… And on the date night with hubby… we’ve tried to be consistent with it and it works out well on Wednesday nights as that is church night for our boys. So they fix themselves something for supper before they go, usually Ramen or leftovers. Or sometimes they will stop and get a burger before heading to church. Hope you have a great day off from work… although you sound like you are working harder just being “at home”. Teri

  2. Ostara! I haven’t been here in weeks Sorry to hear about the flu descending upon your house, TERRIBLE

    I cannot believe Josh is a HS senior. When did that happen? Whoa.

    I hope your bod starts cooperating with you, that toe and that kidney. How’s the asthma? I have to read back on your blog and see how you have been…sorry I’ve not been around.

    So get well and feel good. Peace!

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