I can’t believe it is only Tuesday.  Seems like I have had an entire week of work already.   I got into work a bit later on Monday since I knew I was working late.   When I walk in the building I see all the child DD social workers in a room….hmm….bet I am suppose to be there too!  I go upstairs and ask around and there was a mandatory meeting on screening docs.   They must of planned it either while I was home with the kids when they were sick or while I was on vacation.  No one told me….OOPPS!    I go down and get the last hour of the training.   ARGH!

I spend the rest of the day in the office just trying to find my desk again.   I still have alot of catching up to do!  I returned most of my phone calls.  I called home and reminded hubby to give Tommy his medicine since I forgot in the morning.  I forgot to remind him about Erik though.   ARGH!!

I got home around 9:00 all the kids were still up and running around.   Erik hadn’t had his med yet so I gave it to him.  I am hoping that doesn’t make him tired.   Josh, hubby and I had more discussion about graduation.   We can only get 4 tickets for graduation, at the most 5 and we really don’t know who should come to the ceremony.   We all have differing opinions.  We also found out that Josh will not HAVE to go to full-time to school right away since I can cover him on my insurance until 19 without him being full-time in school.  That is nice as then he can ease into classes more.  So much to do for the graduation.  That is our focus now and moving around the kids bedrooms.   We want Josh to be able to have his own room.  He currently shares with Erik.  The kids spent the evening cleaning up all the garbage from the swamp.   

Tommy and I headed to bed pretty late!   I was out right away and I think he was too.   Hubby moved him into his bed when he came to bed, but sometime during the night Tommy came back.  He has to sleep with Momma. 

I stayed within my 20 points yesterday!!!   I ate only 16!!  I really want to lose next week.   I need to quit messing around and lose these last 4 pounds already!  They are very expensive pounds already!!


I tried to do my travelogue, but I can’t upload pics right now on xanga.  Bummer!    So you are safe for another day. 

Erik lost his TV priviledges so he is sitting on the couch mooping. He had lied to me about showering and stuff.  I usually let him watch TV for about 15 minutes in the morning if he is good for me.  He is grounded by hubby from TV the rest of the time!   But since he was dishonest with me he lost that for the week.    He also lied to hubby last night so he has to do hubby’s chores this week too.  Someday hopefully he will learn it does not pay to be dishonest!!

Tommy is still sleeping.  I need to get him up soon as he needs a bath before school.  Hubby didn’t give him one last night, but hubby did do a number of loads of laundry so I will just focus on what he *did remember to do.  I will have to remeber to send him a email to his blackberry today so he remembers to give the kids meds and pick up Tommy from preschool.  I will probably be working a bit late again as I need to have Wednesday off as I have two Dr appointments. 

Josh rode to school with Charlie today as hubby is driving Josh’s car.   The blazer is making a grinding noise so that went into the shop for repairs last night.   I hope it isn’t anything too expensive. 

I am off to made my lunch for today and get Tommy up.  Erik should be leaving for the bus in a bit and then I can go down stairs and finish getting ready for work.  

Have a great day!!

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