It’s Official…….The Influenza Virus has hit our House……

We are back from the Dr and both boys have influenza.  Erik is on the tail end of it and Tommy is just starting symptoms.  Tommy is running a fever of about 102.  Both boys are vomitting today.   It is a fun time in our house.   The Dr did recommend for Tommy a OTC med that will reduce the flu symptons by 68%.  It is called Oscillococcinum.   I had my hubby come from work for 30 minutes so I could run to the pharmacy.  The Oscillo is pretty expensive, but if it will make them better quick, it is worth it.  It was over 15.00 a box.  Each one of them will need on box.  The pharmacy I was at only had one box so I will have to look for some more tonight.   The Dr said it probably wouldn’t help with Erik since he had his symptoms for a while already, but hubby wanted me to give it to him too just in case it would make things better. 

Both boys are laying on the couch and watching one movie.  Erik has been sleeping more than Tommy, but I think after this movie I will take Tommy to my room with me and get him to take a nap. 

I am off to wipe everything down in the house with lysol and then lay down with Tommy so he will nap.  

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