Another Bites the Dust………….

I am home again with sick kids (yep plural).   This morning I started waking around 6:00 and Tommy was snuggled up to me and seemed warm.  We took his temp and it was about 102.  So no school or dayare for him.   I gave him some tylenol and he then said “My tummy hurts and I need a bucket”.   He vomitted and then laid back down.   I am very lucky Tommy doesn’t get that worked up about being sick.   So he was fine after that.  We snuggled in bed and watched TV until about 8:30.   Tommy is very upset about not being able to go to school today.  They were putting on a little show for the parents today.  It was a circus and he was a clown.  Luckily I bought tickets to the circus for when we get back from Florida, so that seemed to make things better for him.   He is convinced that since his headache and vomitting is done he can go to school.   Hard to understand when your only 4. 

Erik was up a bit last night complaining about his throat to the extent he was in tears.  I had him gargle with salt water and everything else I knew for sore throats.  So I am taking them both to the Dr today.  I need to make sure they aren’t really sick before we head to Florida.   Tommy has had double ear infections in the past and since he doesnt’ complain you don’t know until they nearly burst.  That would not be good on a plane!!!  Tommy was exposed to strep again last week since my daycare provider had it.  So need to get that checked out again!

Today I will be wiping down door knobs, handles and light switches with lysol to make sure we get rid of the virus in the house.   I am off to get Tommy dressed and ready to go to the Dr. 

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  1. Oh dear! I hope your boys get over this real quick. I have Miranda home with me today…upset stomach, sore throat and stuffy nose. I’ll be doing the “lysol wipe” myself today!

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